Casino Bonus : The ultimate guide to understand and use casino bonuses !

Come and discover the fascinating world of online casinos and enjoy the best bonuses of the moment! Today’s online gaming platforms compete with each other in ingenuity to offer bonuses that are as tempting as the next. Free bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, bonuses with or without prior deposit, promotions are exploding on virtual gaming sites.

We have analyzed for you all the details about online casino bonuses. Follow us to find out the essential points, in order to get the most out of them.

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Hallmark Casino Welcome Bonus Offer
Hallmark Casino
$1300 Welcome Bonus
Bonus Conditions
x40 Wager
Free Spins
First four deposits
King Billy Casino First Deposit Offer
King Billy Casino
€200 First deposit
Bonus Conditions
x35 Wager
Free Spins
20 free spins
Power Play Casino Welcome Bonus Offer
Power Play Casino
$200 Welcome Bonus
Bonus Conditions
x35 Wager
Free Spins
William Hill Welcome Bonus Offer
William Hill
£150 Welcome Bonus
Bonus Conditions
x20 Wager
Free Spins
Bitstarz Welcome Bonus Offer
$100 or 1 BTC First Deposit
Bonus Conditions
x40 Wager
Free Spins
Fair Go Casino Welcome Bonus Offer
Fair Go Casino
$1000 Welcome Offer
Bonus Conditions
x30 Wager
Free Spins

What is an online casino bonus?

online casino bonusHave you ever come across land-based casinos that have distributed free money to their players? Of course not! You should know that this is where online casinos make the difference! These bonuses are offered in the form of free money or other very attractive offers with each new registration.

Deposit bonuses, free spins, no-deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, bonus offers are pouring into the virtual world of gambling. Thanks to these bonuses, it is now possible for users to play with much more money! Plus, these amounts are offered by the gaming platforms! However, all gaming bonus offers are subject to terms and conditions. Indeed, you should read them before subscribing.

What are the benefits of online casino bonuses?

Casino Bonus BenefitsTo constantly attract new players and build customer loyalty, virtual gaming sites often offer promotional offers. Thanks to online casino bonuses, you can enjoy many advantages, such as :

  • Test the casino online: some bonuses allow you to test the game library and casino features on the web for free without betting real money;
  • Increase your playing time: There’s nothing better than spending more time on your favourite entertainment with bonus offers;
  • Multiply your chances of winning: for small budgets, having bonuses is ideal, in order to increase your bankroll and bet more money on the machines or games of table ;
  • Choose your bonuses: birthday bonus, high roller or free spins, there is no shortage of promotions from virtual gaming establishments to please subscribers.

What are the cons ?

Casino Bonus ScamNevertheless, when it comes to online casino bonuses, all is not entirely rosy. Players should be aware of some of the drawbacks of these exciting offers:

  • Betting conditions: to encourage players to play more, the sites have set up betting conditions to be able to recover winnings from bonuses;
  • Limited time: unfortunately, you cannot access unlimited play time even if you have bonuses. The sites simply offer you a limited amount of extra time to play your favorite games;
  • Specific offers: online casinos do not necessarily offer bonuses on all the games available on their platform.
  • Virtual money: Some players are often disappointed to see a huge amount of money in their account that they can’t necessarily cash out.

Where to find the bonus offers?

Finding the perfect gem among a multitude of very attractive bonus offers is not always easy for virtual gamers. Luckily, there are many online casino guides that will help you find the best offers on the market.

Thanks to these comparison platforms, the online casinos that offer the most interesting bonuses are brought together in one place. You’ll get the most up-to-date information from experts and virtual gaming enthusiasts.

All the reliable and secure sites that offer exceptional bonuses are compared here to give you the best possible experience. You will also find everything you need to know about casino bonuses, such as the advantages and pitfalls to avoid before activating them.

What are the types of bonuses?

To please their users, the creators of the virtual casinos do not lack imagination. They offer a wide range of bonuses of all kinds to please their subscribers and encourage them to play regularly on their sites. Discover the most popular bonuses for casinos on the web:

Welcome bonus

Virtual casinos often roll out the red carpet for newcomers with very attractive welcome offers. The player can benefit from a welcome bonus as soon as he registers at the gaming site of his choice. The rate of this type of bonus can be capped at 200%. The more money you deposit into your account, the more bonuses you will receive.

If you don’t want to deposit real money on the online platforms, you can also take advantage of the no-deposit welcome bonus. However, it’s best to know in advance the wagering requirements of your favorite casinos, so that you can withdraw your winnings on your bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

One of the most common deposit bonuses offered by online casinos is a deposit bonus to thank players for their real money bets. Find out more about the specifics of this type of bonus:

  • Deposit bonuses include not only deposit welcome bonuses, but also loyalty bonuses;
  • Many casinos also offer bonuses with every deposit that range from 25 to 200% ;
  • These bonuses are used to inflate the bankroll of online gambling enthusiasts to increase their chances of winning;
  • Players can negotiate deposit bonus rates and terms and conditions.

No Deposit Bonus

No-deposit bonuses are small amounts of play money offered that allow you to play online. This type of bonus allows you to test the online gaming platform without betting real money.

The no-deposit bonus can be claimed at the time of registration on the online gaming site. No deposit welcome bonus, free spins or bonuses on specific titles are no-deposit bonuses that can be found on the platforms. But before you win real money with this type of bonus, please read the casino requirements for withdrawing your winnings!

Free spins

If you like slots, you will certainly be seduced by the free spins bonus that is specially dedicated to it. We reveal all you need to know about this type of bonus:

  • it allows you to play free spins and longer slots games;
  • you usually don’t need to deposit real money to benefit from free spins;
  • thanks to these offers, you can test your favorite slots for free without risking losing your own money ;
  • players can withdraw winnings from free spins according to the withdrawal conditions and wagering requirements.

Sponsorship Bonus

Have you ever tried a new popular restaurant just because someone close to you has highly recommended it? Web casinos often use this word-of-mouth system to attract newcomers. In particular, they offer referral bonuses to players who invite their acquaintances to their sites.

To take advantage of this type of bonus, your “godchild” will have to make a deposit at the online casino that you have recommended. You can get a fixed amount or a proportional amount depending on the online casino. What’s more, icing on the cake, these bonus offers are completely free. So why miss out on such an opportunity?

Loyalty Bonus

Imagine getting a loyalty card from your favourite store that gives you access to vouchers or surprise gifts. Loyalty bonuses at online casinos have several special features:

  • it is reserved for the most loyal members who often connect to entertainment platforms and who regularly bet money on them;
  • the most common bonuses are the cashback bonuses that generate points and the VIP bonuses;
  • these promotional offers are most often awarded on special occasions such as Christmas, for example ;
  • this type of bonus may change depending on your frequency of play and the goodwill of the online casino. It can reach 20 to 25%.

High roller bonus

Reserved for the crème de la crème, high roller bonuses make all online casino gamblers pale with jealousy. And for good reason: these unprecedented offers are only available to those who bet large sums of money on online gaming platforms.

Of course, these special bonuses are not available to everyone. In order to benefit from them, you will have to wager large sums, as the bonuses are proportional to the deposits made. On the other hand, this bonus alone can raise your bankroll by a few thousand from euros ! What more could you ask for?

Birthday Bonus

Birthday cake, personalized gifts or surprise party organized by your loved ones are ideas to make your birthday particularly memorable. To make that special day even more unforgettable, online gaming platforms offer birthday bonuses to their subscribers.

This type of bonus is offered free of charge to players. But, to benefit from it, you must first be a regular customer who has already deposited money on the site. And the amount will generally not exceed 30 euros. But strengthening your bankroll is always rewarding to increase your chances of winning.

So, keep a close eye on your mailbox on D-Day, because you’re sure to receive a nice surprise!

How do I activate a bonus ?

It’s all well and good to want to enjoy a bonus, but you still need to know how it really works. Follow these steps to activate your bonus:

  • play for real money;
  • click on your balance and then click on the bonus tab ;
  • click on Activate/Claim the bonus you souhaitez ;
  • to activate it, you usually need to enter your bonus codes. This code will be given either during registration or at the time of deposit;
  • a free bonus will be automatically activated and you will see it directly on your balance;
  • for deposit bonuses, you will need to make a deposit in order to access them.

Online Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

In the fascinating world of online gambling, a skilled gambler is worth two. When it comes to bonus offers, it is best to be fully aware of all game conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Bonus conditions

You should be aware that bonuses are subject to specific conditions. For example, offers that apply to slots may not necessarily apply to table games. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you inquire about games that are not covered by the bonus terms and conditions.

Wagering conditions

The virtual casinos establish mandatory wagering conditions when activating the winnings. The player will have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times before being able to cash out his winnings. As the number of bets is set by the platform, you can request any additional information from the customer service.

Withdrawal conditions

As you will have understood, the withdrawal conditions are directly related to the wagering conditions. Unfortunately, you will not be able to cash out your bonus winnings at any time. Only the online casino can decide how much you can withdraw based on your initial deposit. Usually, depositing money into your account and wagering your bonuses will give you more chance to withdraw your winnings.


For what player type ?

Tell me what kind of player you are and I’ll tell you which bonus suits you best! Bonuses can be suitable for almost all players, as long as you choose them carefully and find out about the requirements of virtual casinos beforehand.

For fun-lovers, extra play time bonuses are just for you. Small budgets will also be able to take advantage of free bonuses or referral bonuses to make their winnings grow.

The more daring players will be able to try to wager more funds, in order to get deposit bonuses or interesting loyalty bonuses. They will increase their bankroll gradually to try to get bigger winnings.

For big budgets, deposit bonuses are a big help. They will be spoilt for choice between the various offers on offer. Highroller bonuses, free spins or VIP bonuses, they can even opt for several bonuses at the same time to strengthen their bankroll.

As you will certainly have understood, bonuses offer significant advantages to users. Thanks to these offers, you could boost your player account and spend more time on your favorite games.

  • ✅ Is it worth playing with a bonus

    Playing with a bonus is much more than interesting for virtual casino players. Not only can you get more time, but you can also bet more money and increase your chances of winning. In addition, free bonuses allow you to test the game library of the online platform you wish to subscribe to. Here are other reasons to use casino bonuses!
  • ✅ Can you get rich with a bonus?

    Players often think they can get rich just by activating a bonus. The truth is, it’s not that simple! Although the amount of some bonuses can be colossal, getting rich just by activating a bonus is a utopia. You have to bet real money and play regularly while activating bonuses to increase your chances of winning. Discover the disadvantages of casino bonuses!
  • ✅ Is it easy to withdraw your winnings generated with a bonus?

    Cashing out your winnings generated with a bonus requires an increased knowledge of the online casino’s withdrawal conditions. These are set by the online platform you subscribe to. Generally, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings if you have wagered your bonus amount a certain number of times.
  • ✅ Do we regularly update our bonus list?

    The list of bonuses we publish is constantly updated to ensure that players enjoy the best possible experience. We regularly update the casino bonus information to give an overview of all the benefits offered by these offers.