MicroGaming : Review and opinion of one of the pioneers of casino games


MicroGaming is one of the major software publishers for virtual casinos. The company was founded in 1994 and has received numerous awards in recent years. It is one of the key players in the sector. The company owes its popularity to its slot machines. The publisher also develops video poker and table games. gamblemojo.com proposes you a presentation of this supplier of games impossible to circumvent.

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Presentation of the software and history of MicroGaming

MicroGamingMicroGaming is one of the pioneers in the online casino industry. The developer emerged at the same time as the first virtual casinos. Initially, MicroGaming only developed traditional slot machines with three reels. Gradually, the game developer expanded its offer to appear today as a key entity in the world of Igaming. MicroGaming created Quickfire, a gaming platform with hundreds of titles. With this tool, MicroGaming has been able to establish numerous collaborations with casinos on the Internet. The gaming provider has thus placed its slot machines in many virtual casinos around the world. Its jackpot machines are very generous. This is what the players like very much.

Pros and cons

Every virtual casino has its advantages and disadvantages. MicroGaming is no exception to the rule. Currently, MicroGaming is very popular among online casino fans because its jackpot slots allow you to win huge winnings. It is estimated that players have won about $400 million in the last ten years. One of the strengths of the site is the experience as the site has been in existence since 1994. It is one of the pioneers in the industry. It is renowned for its reliability and the quality of its games. It really has a great expertise in this area. In fact, the publisher has been rewarded many times in competitions within the sector. A sign of true recognition from other players, a kind of consecration that the publisher’s teams have appreciated at its true value. Among the games on offer, the progressive jackpots are very well made and numerous. MicroGaming’s games catalog is really very well stocked. The software developed by MicroGaming is also a reference in terms of security. The publisher also has some weak points. We can mention the low number of 3D games. It has a very extensive games catalogue, but in this segment of 3D games, the offer is rather insufficient compared to other game suppliers. MicroGaming needs to diversify a bit more. It has to be said that the industry is very competitive. It’s not easy to compete in all segments.

A well-stocked toy library

MicroGaming Slot MachinesOver the years, MicroGaming has built up a well-stocked toy library. Lovers of new games will be served. MicroGaming makes it a point of honor to create new games. In total, the game provider has more than 600 titles. Slot machines with progressive jackpot are very popular. We could mention several particularly well-known games developed for the game provider: such as Mega Moolah or The Dark Knight. The game provider is particularly popular among online casino fans. The reason? The publisher has formed partnerships with American film studios. Particularly popular games include the trendy virtual slot machines Jurassik Park, or Terminator 2, which refers to the mythical film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. These machines have very successful designs. The choice is very wide and all players can find what they are looking for in just a few clicks. Many online casinos buy from MicroGaming. The game provider offers support to the casinos and allows you to customize certain titles.

A publisher specialized in slot machines

MicroGaming specializes in slot games. The publisher’s portfolio includes a wide range of games. The most popular games are the machines that have a progressive jackpot. What attracts a lot of players is obviously the quality of the interface of the games but also the potential winnings which can be gigantic.

Here is an example of the quality of the games MicroGaming offers:

3 emblematic games

MicroGaming has an extensive toy library, particularly in the area of slot machines. In the portfolio of this publisher: three emblematic games can stand out. One thinks of Mega Moolah, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.

Mega Moolah

Mega MoolahMega Moolah designed by Microgaming is a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. It is very popular and has been the talk of the town. Indeed, it is on this game that the highest jackpot in history was won at a virtual casino. In 2018, a British player won a mere €18,910,668.01 in winnings on this machine. This was an exceptional win that changed the player’s life. Every online casino fan dreams of one day winning this much money. That’s what makes the players tick. This jackpot was won by playing on the mobile version of the game. In 2015, another player had won an astronomical win of more than 17 million euros. All these winnings are going to make players dream and therefore this game is very popular. MicroGaming has a real know-how in this field. The games are very lucrative, well designed and very fun. The game Mega Moolah features animals from Africa with a very successful interface. This title is one of the 10 machines that have provided the most important jackpots in the world.

Terminator 2

Terminator 2 MicroGamingThe Terminator 2 slot machine, made by MicroGaming, was inspired by the famous feature film of the 1990s, “Terminator 2”, by director James Cameron. Partnering with a studio is interesting for a publisher because they can take advantage of the popularity of the movie. Success is almost guaranteed in the sale of the game to casinos. At the Box Office, the film had accumulated record earnings. In this slot machine, we find the main protagonists of the film. We find the spirit of the film in the graphic universe with dark colors. This machine is composed of 5 five reels and 3 rows. There are several bonus functions and many features. Paying combinations are those that combine similar images on the same line. The maximum multiplier is X 1.500. More than 200 combinations can be used to obtain winnings. The title has symbols like wild and scatter. Terminator 2 characters are present such as T-800, Sarah Connor, her son John Connor, T-1000, Sarah Connor and of course the Terminator. This slot offers a payout rate of over 96%.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park SlotMicrogaming was inspired by a great success of the 7th art: Jurassic Park, released in theaters in 1993, to develop a very innovative slot machine. These machines are often the heart of online casinos. That’s why online casinos are always looking for new ways to seduce players. When a gaming provider like MicroGaming enters into a partnership with a film studio, it ensures a real success for its creation. But using such a franchise is also a big risk because if there is a misstep, it can disappoint the fans. And there are many of them. Jurassic Park is even a myth. It is indeed an ultra innovative film in terms of special effects. Some of the scenes were really amazing. The script was also fantastic. The direction by Steven Spielberg is just amazing. The heroes of the film are there in the game designed by MicroGaming, including the famous dinosaurs. So we find in the slots, the figures of the main protagonists like John Hammond, Lex Murphy, the T-Rex, or the Triceratops. The graphics have been very elaborate. This slot machine is really successful and very fluid.

Security provided by the software

MicroGaming SecurityMicroGaming is one of the founding members of Ecogra (e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation and Assurance). It is a body that ensures the security and integrity of games in online casinos. Trust is a cardinal value on which Igaming is based. Many casinos have this certification issued by Ecogra. Furthermore, the random number generators are safe and guarantee fairness between players. On the question of security, the software publisher is totally transparent. You can play with complete peace of mind at the various online casinos that are supplied by MicroGaming.

What are the dedicated bonuses for players?

Bonus MicroGaming CasinoTo the delight of players, most casinos on the net that use games designed by MicroGaming offer many bonuses and promotions. One of the most frequent is, of course, the welcome bonus when you open an account at a virtual gaming establishment. The offers are very varied and you should not hesitate to compare what is on offer. Take your time to do so. Free Spins, i.e. free spins are regularly offered for slot machines. A good way to test the offer of the online casino. Other bonuses are available with the first deposit. One should not hesitate to look at what the journalists specialized in Igaming propose which have a very sharp glance on the offer and classifies the various toy libraries of casino to enlighten the players on those which appear to be the most advantageous.

The top 3 casinos to find these titles

Many virtual casinos offer the games imagined by MicroGaming. One can quote Lucky31. The online casino has a beautiful interface and a rich offer of games. Some are designed by MicroGaming but the site also uses other providers. The virtual casino is reliable and very popular with players from many countries. The other online casino that offers MicroGaming games is DublinBet which is rather specialized in live casino games. The technology deployed by this player is particularly advanced. Its game library is very rich and the bonuses offered are very interesting. Third casino that we could mention: Stakes Casino, it is a relatively recent virtual establishment. Its game library has more than 700 titles. The bonuses granted to the players are rather generous. It is also possible to play on this platform with a smartphone or a tablet. The customer service is also quite responsive.


In short, MicroGaming is a leading publisher in the world of Igaming and has developed games for many casinos. Knowing the name of the publisher is a good way to know if you’re going to have fun playing on a particular platform. Some online casinos have tabs that show the different games by publisher. This is a very convenient way to find your favorite games.

  • ✅ What is MicroGaming’s specialty?

    MicroGaming’s specialty is Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines. This game publisher offers very popular titles. Some of the machines can yield huge winnings. Discover in video the speciality of this publisher!

  • ✅ Where are the MicroGaming offices based?

    MicroGaming’s offices are located on the Isle of Man, an island in the United Kingdom where many players in the Igaming industry are based. We let you discover the history of MicroGaming in detail!

  • ✅ What is the most famous game at MicroGaming?

    The most famous game at MicroGaming is undoubtedly Mega Moolah. The potential winnings on this slot machine can be exceptional. Here are MicroGaming’s 3 iconic games!

  • ✅ What is the average rate of redistribution at MicroGaming?

    The average redistribution rate in slot machines is 96%. That’s a pretty satisfactory figure. The publisher appeals to many online casinos.