Online Casinos : Choose the best platform to play on !

Before you start playing for real money at an online casino, it is important to master some important information. If you go diving into the adventure without thinking, you risk making mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

To avoid this, we recommend that you take a look at our online casino guide. This should be enough to give you a solid foundation for your first games on the slots.

Want to know more about the world of online casino (game guide, software, casino reviews …)? answers all your questions!

What’s an online casino?

An online casino is a website where players can play slot machines, table games or any type of game with real money in order to generate winnings. The concept is similar to that of an online casino, except that it is possible to play from home or from a portable device with an internet connection.

Is it better to play at an online casino than at a land-based casino?

Playing at an online casino has many advantages over playing in a land-based casino. Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to make a real money deposit securely over the internet and get your winnings paid out in just a few clicks.

Here are some of the most popular features of the online game for players:

More easily accessible

Compared to a hardcore casino, you don’t need to move around to play at an online casino. All you have to do is turn on your computer or use your mobile phone.

This way you don’t waste precious time driving to the casino to exercise your passion. You can get there very easily in just a few minutes while remaining comfortably seated at home.

Many bonuses and advantages for making more games

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos offer many casino bonuses and promotions to entice you to create an account and make a real money deposit.

The bonuses you may receive can be either deposit bonuses or free spins to be used on some of the slots available on the platform.

A wider variety of games

The range of casino games available at an online casino is really huge. There are several hundred publishers who design the games and allow casino sites to use the slot machines and other games that they want in their catalogs.

To do this, each supplier offers its software to the platform, which will then decide which titles to use or not on its establishment. Each software designed by a publisher has its own style, which makes each part unique.

A higher return rate to players

In hard-core casinos, the return rate to players set by law must be between 80 and 97% for slot machines. For table games, it depends on the game in question (blackjack, roulette, etc.).

Online, the return rate for slot machines is generally between 96.5% and 98%. This rate depends on many parameters, such as the editor, special machine features, the presence or absence of a jackpot, etc.

In the end, you realise that the potential winnings are much greater when playing on the internet than when you go to a land-based casino. The payout rate you can expect is much higher, which will be reflected in the amount of your winnings.

The comfort of playing from home

While some casinos do try to provide some comfort to their players, it will never match the comfort provided by a good couch, desk or chair, and the use of a computer.

In addition, you don’t need to consume as you would in a brick and mortar casino. This saves you money on food and drinks.

Mobile gaming thanks to the mobile version

Another advantage of playing online is that you can play from anywhere. To do so, you need to have a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. If these two conditions are met, you can play your favorite games no matter where you are.

What is the legal age to play at an online casino?

The legal age to play at an online casino depends on the country in which you are located. This is usually the same as the minimum age required to enter a live casino. In the case of France, it is 18 years old. In Belgium, this age would be 21.

It is important not to lie about your real age when creating an account at the casino. When you want to make your first payment, you will need to send proof of your identity and address. If you have lied about your age, the platform will notice it by looking at your identity document. In this case, the platform can legally confiscate your winnings without you having any alternative against it.

Our casino listings

In order to help you in your choice of online casino, we have established several different rankings of online casino sites where you can play safely.

In order for a platform to appear in one of these rankings, we have conducted a complete review of each of the hot spots in an online casino. We then gave a grade to the establishment and detailed our opinion in depth via a written test that you can consult freely.

But if you don’t want to waste time by consulting our review with our detailed notice, you can simply register on any site on this list. We consider them to be the most interesting platforms in their category and you are guaranteed to enjoy an excellent user experience during your games.

Best online casinos

Best Online CasinoThe top online casino rankings include the most reputable platforms in the gaming community. These are usually sites that have been in operation for several years and have received favourable reviews from many people.

These are not innovative sites, some are even quite old, but they have a reputation for providing an excellent gaming experience and no scandal of non-payment of winnings to a player has occurred at any of these platforms.

New online casinos

New online casinosTo establish our ranking in this category, we have reviewed all the new platforms that have emerged on the market. The majority of the casinos on this list will therefore be young sites that operate with the latest technology.

If you feel like something new, then don’t hesitate to register on one of these sites that we recommend.

Trusted online casinos

Reliable online casinosReliable online casinos are the safest places to be. They are platforms that have always been serious about their players and have stood the test of time by gradually adapting to new market trends.

Each deposit is secure, the machines offer the return rate to the players displayed, each software used is reliable and each of the platforms which are presented has succeeded in obtaining our “100% reliability” label.

Live Casinos

Live CasinosThe live casino is probably the closest thing to gambling in a land-based establishment. In these types of games, you can see dealers filmed by a webcam managing the table games as they would in a real casino. For example, they throw the ball at roulette or deal the cards at blackjack.

It is also possible to chat live with the croupiers thanks to an integrated chat during the games. This allows you to see that the game is going effectively live and that it is not a fake replay. In some cases, you can even chat with other players at the table and discuss strategies with them.

Of course, there are some differences from gambling in a real casino. To mention just two of them, you can’t touch your chips and winnings are paid out automatically. But for an online experience, this is the closest you can get to the feeling you get in a land-based casino.

Casinos on mobile phones

Casinos on mobile phonesThese days, our mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more powerful. Compared to computers 10 years ago, a smartphone today has more power.

As a result of this technological improvement and the development of wireless internet, gaming on a mobile device has grown considerably in recent years. Today, it is the preferred format on which developers rely to create game software.

In addition, your mobile device gives you the ability to play games no matter where you are. So whether you’re at the beach or relieving yourself, you can take a phone out of your pocket and play a few games quickly.

Our goal: to introduce online casinos to give our readers a choice

The purpose of is to present the different casinos that exist for players. As you have seen above, we break down our rankings according to very specific criteria in order to give our readers categories to choose a casino.

We consider it important to always review a platform before creating an account to play for real money. The online casino world is full of scams and one should always be wary before signing up at an unfamiliar establishment.

However, analysing each platform consumes a lot of resources. As a result, very few players take the time to properly analyse the sites they want to deposit on. So we came up with the idea of doing this analysis work for the players.

Every casino featured on our site and included in a ranking is not without reason. Many tests have been conducted on the platform and it has been reviewed from every angle. Since this analysis was completed, the establishment was given a score and included in one of these lists.

70% of the casinos we analyse do not pass the first stages of our tests. And of the remaining 30%, not even 10% end up in one of our rankings. Our judgement and our ratings are very strict in order to keep only the most serious of them.

Our motto could be likened to “prevention is better than cure”. We have certainly blacklisted casinos that did not deserve it. This is unfortunate for these establishments, but we prefer this to recommending dubious platforms to our readers.

By registering at any of the locations you find on our site, you are guaranteed a great user experience during your games.

Our conclusion on the online casino

We hope you enjoyed our informative article on the online casino page and that you now know more about this industry.

As you’ve seen, there are quite a few advantages to playing online rather than at a land-based facility. On the internet, you can benefit from welcome bonuses that give you additional advantages during the games, you don’t need to travel to play, the games available are more varied and the effective rate of return to players are higher.

If you take away the fact that you can’t touch your chips and can’t see other players in front of you, online casino has many more advantages than the hard casino. In terms of eligibility requirements, the rules are the same in terms of age requirements. If you are a minor, do not expect to be able to play legally at an online casino.

We would also like to point out that many players are dishonest in this industry. If you want to make a deposit at a casino to play for real money, only do so at one of the casinos that you will find on our site. Otherwise, there is a huge chance that you will never see the color of your money again if you play on a platform with a low level of trust. It is important to always be careful and always consult our online casinos reviews to avoid problems of this nature.

FAQs on online casinos

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about online casinos:

✅ Can you win a lot of money at an online casino?

It depends on how much you’re betting and how lucky you are. If you play on machines with progressive jackpots, then you have the chance to win the jackpot, which sometimes amounts to several hundred thousand euros.

✅ What are the laws to play at an online casino?

If you wish to play for real money online, you must abide by the same laws that apply to gambling in everyday life. The most important law of all is your age. If you are under 18, you cannot play for money online. Find out everything there is to know about the legal age!

✅ Can I get a bonus on your site?

Strictly speaking, no. However, by registering via our links, you can take advantage of the exclusive offers offered by online casinos. This will give you bonus money so you can play more games and try to win big several times.

✅ Do you have a customer service department to ask questions about the casinos?

Yes. The purpose of our site is to help players play on trusted establishments. We think we have been clear in our explanations, but if you need clarification on certain points, please do not hesitate to contact us via the comments.