Betsoft : Review and opinion of one of the largest publishers on the market


BetSoft develops a large number of games for virtual casinos. BetSoft has developed about 100 games, in particular slot machines in 3D format. The software company has made this one of its specialties. Players like the animations that are made on the various games. Most of the time, players can enjoy bonuses on these different games. The gaming experience is very qualitative and the games offered by BetSoft are always very innovative. The themes offered are very original. offers you a small overview of the offer.

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A historic publisher on the market

betsoft gamingBetSoft was founded in 1999. It is one of the most important players in the sector. The supplier of games for online casinos offers slot machines, but also table games. The games are suitable for various media such as computers, smartphones and tablets. In recent years, the gambling habits of players have changed a lot. Mobility is now at the heart of practices. Innovation is at the heart of this game publisher’s DNA. BetSoft supplies many virtual establishments around the world. Betsoft Gaming is one of the subsidiaries of the firm named Betsoft Gaming LTD, which holds a license granted by the Curacao Gaming Regulatory Authority. BetSoft’s credo is to ensure that gamers have fun when they are entertained in front of their screens at a virtual gaming establishment. Everything is done to ensure that players feel the famous adrenaline rush when a slot machine is triggered.

BetSoft games pros and cons

It is quite interesting to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the software developed by the game publisher. First of all the advantages, one of BetSoft’s strong points is that it offers particularly neat graphics. This is why BetSoft is one of the giants in the industry. The developers working at BetSoft develop 3D animations with real know-how. The game provider aims to provide customers with the richest possible gaming experience and to ensure that players have fun and vibrate when it launches the site.

The games designed by BetSoft are particularly appealing, with many combinations making the slot machine gaming experience very appealing. The software is truly qualitative. That’s why many online casinos use them. The interface on mobile phones is also very successful. Players are more and more in favour of this mobile gaming mode.

From a B to B point of view, BetSoft’s services to casinos are very effective. The customer service is very efficient and the support offered by the publisher is very effective in case of malfunction.

The editor also has a few flaws. If BetSoft has a recognized know-how in penguin bandits with great graphics, the company is fishing for live gaming. Another drawback is that the graphics are so sharp that in order to play the game, the client must have a high quality internet connection to enjoy each game to the fullest. Thus, the loading time can be relatively long if your connection is a little weak. Finally, another flaw, for the French-speaking players, some texts in English are not always translated, which is sometimes, a bit of a pity.

The game library

BetSoft’s toy library is well stocked. The publisher has developed numerous table games: blackjack, roulette and baccarat. The provider Igaming also develops video poker games and virtual scratch cards. BetSoft has developed more than a hundred slot machines, most of them in 3D. The games imagined by BetSoft’s developers are used by hundreds of casinos. Among the games in this portfolio are Weekend in Vegas, Gypsy Rose, but also Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde which are very ergonomic, with amazing animations.

Specializing in one type of game?

BetSoft specialises in the field of slot machines, especially 3D machines. The developers offer very neat animations and a sound universe adapted to the various virtual penguin bandits. Each slot machine has its own world with its own codes. It is a whole graphic world that is developed with the aim of offering the most entertaining gaming experience. The publisher imagines all the details for several weeks to make the game as realistic as possible. Every detail is thought out. BetSoft has a proven track record in slot machines for almost twenty years and continues to delight players who use the machines by the thousands every day.

Here are the worlds and quality that await you when you play a Betsoft Gaming game!

3 major titles designed by BetSoft

The publisher BetSoft produces many games for different casinos. The teams at this game supplier are constantly working to create new and innovative games. Here are some emblematic titles we recommend.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot machine

dr Jekyll mr Hyde Betsoft The game publisher has come up with a game based on a cult literary story. A monument! It is the famous story written by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson: “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. This slot machine is quite representative of the professionalism of the BetSoft teams. The interface is particularly neat. The player’s immersion is perfect thanks to a particularly captivating sound environment. We find ourselves at the heart of this story, which features a disturbing, schizophrenic character. You will feel shivers when you activate this slot machine.


Rockstar BetsoftBetSoft decided to imagine a game that places Rock n’ Roll at the heart of this universe. It’s really very successful. The tribute to this great musical current is translated by the implementation of a machine that has the same energy as a Rock guitarist who wants to electrify the crowd during a concert at a big festival. The proposed immersion is of high quality. The animations proposed with rock musicians who parade on the slots are successful. The BetSoft teams have designed a virtual one-armed bandit who will thrill you. The idea is to vibrate as if you were at a concert and you can hope to make a big profit.


SlotFather BetsoftWho never imagined putting themselves in the shoes of a gangster? Mafia films like The Godfather are a big hit. So for people who like thrills. With Slotfather, players can put themselves in the shoes of a member of the underworld. The game has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The player immerses himself in the daily life of the mafia. These gangsters, united around a pact, want to get rich illegally. To achieve this, they practice, for example, racketeering and trafficking. The game opens with four gangsters dressed in suits sitting around a table. Hats and guns are integrated into the set for spin buttons. Mafia faces can be seen on the slots.


Security provided by the software

Betsoft SecurityThe BetSoft company puts a lot of energy into ensuring the safety of the game. It complies with the standards set by the industry. Its software has been certified by the renowned Technical Testing System (TST). In addition, the random data generator has been inspected and validated by the Official Certification of Evaluation. BetSoft also has a certification granted by the AGCC. This ensures that all user data is secure. Based mainly in Malta, within the European Union, the company is subject to European regulations and those of the various customer countries. Independent control bodies ensure the integrity of the game. The random combination generators are also regularly checked.

What are the bonuses offered?

Betsoft BonusVirtual casino players are always very fond of promotions and bonuses. BetSoft offers several kinds of bonuses through the casinos that host the games. The most common one is linked to a deposit that offers advantages. Usually, this offer is first given to new players to increase their starting sum. Most of the time you can double your capital, with certain limits. In some online casinos you can find free spins, i.e. free spins on slot machines. Players have to look at which are the most interesting bonuses. BetSoft software is very flexible and each online casino can create its own promotional offer.

Top 3 Casinos for BetSoft Games

Many virtual casinos use gaming software designed by BetSoft. It would be tedious to make an exhaustive list of them. Here are three virtual establishments that use BetSoft services. Among these casinos is Crésus Casino, which is very well known. It has a very large catalogue of games designed by BetSoft. In particular, players can play on slot machines. Cresus Casino appears to be one of the most popular online casinos for players from all over the world. With attractive offers and a wide range of games, the gaming experience is optimal. Another important player that hosts software from the virtual casino gaming provider is Lucky8. It is one of the flagships of the market. Its toy library is very well stocked with slot machines in particular. The customer service and the teams of the casino are always very reactive if the players have requests. Finally, one can quote Monte Crypto Casino. This virtual establishment has more than a thousand games and uses software from various publishers. This casino also offers many bonuses. The idea is, for newcomers to the site, to be able to take advantage of various promotions to test the platform and the various games available.


In conclusion, BetSoft is one of the leading software companies. BetSoft is one of the world’s leading software vendors, supplying many casinos around the world. Today, the online casino offer is very dense and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around the Internet casino world, and it is important for players to know the names of the different publishers because players quickly establish preferences. Choosing a game designed by BetSoft is sure to be fun. Every player should look at and analyze what is offered on the market. This is often an opportunity to receive attractive bonuses.

  • ✅ What is Betsoft's speciality?

    Undoubtedly, BetSoft’s specialty is the field of slot machines and more specifically virtual slot machines. The gaming supplier has solid expertise and real know-how in this area. Find out more about Betsoft slot machines!

  • ✅ How to find Betsoft games on an online casino?

    To find BetSoft games, you need to read up on the subject by consulting specialized sites such as In fact, we have studied the offer directory of each publisher.

  • ✅ Are there any Betsoft bonuses?

    Yes, in games designed by BetSoft and through the casinos that use the software, players can take advantage of bonuses. Most of the time, these bonuses are active for new players who can double their starting capital. Take advantage of Betsoft bonuses now!

  • ✅ What is the favorite game of the players when they are told “Betsoft”?

    Instinctively, we can mention Total Overdrive, which is a recent game but emblematic of the BetSoft teams’ know-how. The animations with neon lights are very successful, as is the sound environment. Here is the TOP 3 of Betsoft’s best games!