Casino Skrill : A sure ally to get your money back in a live casino


The world is changing and so are the needs of users. Virtual casinos have not remained insensitive to the cries of the players who wanted simple, quick and cheaper solutions to carry out their operations. It was therefore absolutely necessary for casinos to move towards new online payment methods. Among the various possibilities, Skrill has positioned itself as a reliable option capable of satisfying the players’ demand. As a result, many casinos have adopted it. This review is dedicated to the Skrill payment method, and will allow you to understand how it works in detail.

Top Casinos accepting Skrill payment 2024

What’s Skrill?

definition Skrill CasinoYou’ve probably already heard of the so-called alternative payment methods? These are solutions that are proposed by fintech companies as an alternative to traditional payment methods such as bank cards (Visa and Mastercard for example) or credit transfers, and which overcome some of their limitations. Well, Skrill is one of them. It is a modern payment platform that was created in England, in London to be precise, in 2001, under the initial name of Moneybookers. Made available as an e-wallet, but also as a prepaid card, Skrill is very easy to use and offers a very flexible account creation process. The payment platform is secure and available in several languages. Thanks to Skrill, it is possible to make online purchases and transactions in virtual casinos with complete peace of mind. The procedures are not complex, the fees charged for the transactions are affordable and the transactions are fast. Skrill is also used by several applications that can be downloaded from Google’s store as well as for paying subscriptions at Skype, the Internet telephony giant.

History of Skrill

Skrill Casino HistorySkrill’s story begins in 2001. The company from which Skrill originated was originally called Moneybookers. It was only in 2011 that the English firm changed its name, in order to improve its image and strengthen its reputation. It was founded by Simon Jeremy Banfield, and its aim was to offer online banking and money transfer services. As early as 2003, the company obtained its licence to operate legally as an electronic money issuer. This licence is obtained from the Financial Service Authority (FSA), the main financial regulator in Great Britain, and allows it to operate throughout Europe.

Since 2015, Skrill has been owned by Optimal Payments, which bought it that year for 1.1 million euros. The company is therefore acquiring new start-ups, such as Ukash. It is developing at a high speed and expanding into new countries. The English firm has indeed experienced many alliances and formed strategic partnerships. Skrill’s Mastercard is one of the many products resulting from its partnerships, the aim of which is to be as close as possible to its customers. Today Skrill has just over 35 million users and no less than 200 countries under its coverage. In comparison with its competitors, Skrill is the leader in electronic wallets under certain skies, ahead of Paypal and Neteller.

In addition, the company has been particularly active in the online gaming sector and has established itself in this area as one of the most popular means of payment used by players. Dozens of renowned game rooms already accept Skrill, and the community of players using Skrill is growing.

How do I register?

Skrill Casino AccountThe only thing you will need to create an account with Skrill is a valid email address. The procedure starts on the official web page of the company. On the home page, a clickable button will show you the link to the account creation interface. Enter the required information including the email address and validate. After a few seconds, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your account creation. Click on the link and that’s it. You have just registered and now have a Skrill account, which you can use as you wish to manage your earnings on the Internet.


The particularities of Skrill

The first particularity of Skrill is the expertise of the structure in the field of online games. With nearly 20 years of activities, it has been able to benefit from a great experience and knows well the needs of the players. A second particularity is its large community of users. The latter allows newcomers to benefit from their experiences and a very large distribution network. There are nearly 40 million users in 200 countries, including individuals and professionals, and more than 3,500 websites accepting this method of online payment. Other features of Skrill are the many advantages of this payment method, namely security, speed, flexibility, robustness and ease of use. Unlike many other e-wallets, Skrill operates legally thanks to its e-money issuer licence.

Use in an online casino

Filing fees

Skrill does not charge any special fees to casinos that accept it for making deposits. All you need to do is set up your player account and e-wallet account to make your deposits in seconds. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you limit the amount you can deposit by setting up your Skrill account. This will prevent you from unknowingly overspending.

Withdrawal fees

The deposit principle is the same applied to withdrawal with Skrill. The deposit process takes between 2 and 3 days, before you see an update of the funds on your e-wallet. Each withdrawal requires a withdrawal of around 1%.

Pros and Cons


Skrill is an e-wallet very well known for the level of security of its platform and the speed of its Payment process. The opening of the account is done easily and in a few clicks. But Skrill is not only recognized for these positive points. Skrill users and players in particular praise this payment method because of its many other advantages:


You were already preparing to choose Skrill by considering only its many advantages? Not to discourage you, but it would be wise to take note of the few drawbacks of the solution before making a final decision.

User safety

Skrill is a secure payment method. No system is 100% tamper-proof, but the manufacturer of this platform has implemented several mechanisms to limit as much as possible the attempts of hackers and other unscrupulous people.

  • user bank data is not transmitted during transactions. After verification of the account on the Skrill platform, you will only need to share an identifier such as your email address;
  • the transactions are all encrypted and therefore undecipherable by a third party, even if it intercepts the content of the exchanges between the servers. The encryption algorithm used is of a high level;
  • Skrill is PCI-DSS 1 certified and continues to strengthen its security system by following international standards;
  • Skrill is Verisign certified, the highest level of security for data encryption by SSL ;
  • a double authentication is required for each transaction to an external account;
  • Skrill signs a privacy policy that it shares with users, prohibiting the disclosure of their personal and banking data;
  • the company is regulated by the Financial Count Authority, a regulatory authority for finance and digital money in Great Britain. A guarantee of full repayment is therefore required for each account in the event of the bankruptcy of this English company;
  • to top it all off, an option to limit spending is available. You can therefore assign a threshold to the transactions to be carried out within the framework of your online games.

Skrill bonuses

Skrill Casino BonusAs is customary, live casinos do not hesitate to award bonuses and offer promotions to players who choose Skrill as their payment method. During our tests we found that several types of bonuses were available. The maximum values of these bonuses differ from one gaming platform to another. Below are some indicative figures of the bonuses that can be obtained when playing at a Skrill casino.

  • Welcome and first deposit offer: up to €5,000 bonus, 50 free spins and 4,200 free spins;
  • Loyalty Bonus: Possible supply of up to €8000 in bonuses, in addition to 260 free spins and 4200 free spins;
  • Maximum rate that can be applied to bonuses as a promotion: 500%.

Accessible games

Skrill Casino GamesSkrill, does he allow me access to blackjack and slot machines? Is roulette available at Skrill casinos? These are all concerns expressed by players interested in this alternative payment solution. However, there is no reason to be concerned. It is true that Skrill is not yet accepted by all casinos, but the selection of online casinos we have put together for you allows you to maintain the same quality of gaming experience. You will have access to all your favorite games. From blackjack to roulette to a variety of card games, including poker, all the games you know about are always available at Skrill accepting gaming rooms.

Casinos that accept Skrill

Skrill Online CasinoUntil a few years ago, casinos were reluctant to include Skrill in their list of approved partners for monetary transactions. Fortunately, this trend has since changed. Nowadays, few virtual casinos, no matter how well-known, do not accept Skrill. On the contrary, online gaming rooms admire the quality of management of the security aspect of this fintech player. Among the casinos accepting the Skrill payment method are Tropezia Palace, WildSultan, Dublinbet, Casino Extra, Lucky31, Jackpot City, Betway, Lucky8 and Cresus casino. The number of online casinos that allow you to get paid or deposit money by Skrill is increasing every day.


Before this review, one might have wondered whether online casinos were not wrong to adopt the Skrill payment system on their platforms. This is not the case. We have tested this system and can say that it is reliable. Even if it would be pretentious to say that this solution is the best payment system on the web, especially in front of giants like Paypal, we still note that it is practical, robust, fast and secure. Its notoriety is growing in the online payment segment, especially in the field of online games. It also allows players to take advantage of exceptional promotions on the game rooms that accept them. We highly recommend it to players, and have even compiled a list of the best casinos that accept Skrill. You can also find our reviews of other popular payment solutions on our website. Compare as much information as you can based on the different evaluation criteria we offer, before making your choice.