New Online Casinos : The new platforms that terrorize the market

In the online casino world, new platforms appear and disappear every day. It is very difficult to detect newcomers to the market and to be able to judge them objectively.

In this article, we will explain how to detect new online casinos and give you some food for thought so that you can analyze their reliability as well as possible.

How to find new online casinos?

Best new casinosIt is not always easy to find the sites of new online casinos. Indeed, a new platform has a specific name that nobody knows yet. Chances are very low that you will come across it without knowing the name of the new casino.

Generally, a new platform can be found via the following options:

  • When a company that already operates several casinos decides to open a new one. In this case, you will usually be notified by e-mail and offered bonuses, cash or free spins to try their new establishment.
  • By visiting real money online casino sites like ours. In this case, you can in addition to that consult our review and our opinion as well as enjoy the best advantages we have negotiated for you such as free spins or money without deposit.
  • Via search engine advertising when you are looking for information about online gambling.
  • Thanks to a friend or people on a casino forum who will tell you about their latest find.

Why should we be interested in these new platforms?

You may be satisfied with your experience when you play at your usual casino. However, you may also want to experience new things and see what the competition has to offer.

Most of the established players in the market are already known. We are pretty sure that the majority of our readers can name the 5 biggest casinos. Therefore, there will not be this novelty feeling when playing at an establishment that has already been in operation for several years, even though it is one of those reputed to be the best and has many interesting slot machines.

Here are some of the advantages of playing at a new online casino:

To benefit from new technologies

When a new platform is launched, it is usually accompanied by a number of technical innovations aimed at improving the user’s playing comfort.

For example, it is now possible on most online gaming sites to automatically receive a bonus on your deposit without having to insert a code. This was not possible even 10 years ago. Free spins now also work natively on mobile devices and PCs. In the past, it was often necessary to contact customer support to get a bonus on a mobile casino.

Finally, many improvements have been made to make it easier to play from a smartphone or tablet. Previously, it was necessary to download a dedicated application, which was only available in certain establishments. Now, almost all operators have a responsive site that automatically adapts to your screen size and allows mobile gaming without having to download any application.

To enjoy a unique design

A new casino always comes with a new style and unique design. While this does not improve your luck in future games, nor does it have an impact on the other components of the site, it does allow you to play in a new environment and will give a fresh feeling to your games.

To play new games

By choosing to play on another establishment, you will have access to a new range of different games, as each platform has its own choice of publishers and decides on each game to be incorporated on the site.

If you play at a casino on a regular basis, you will inevitably go through the available machines at some point. This may therefore start to get boring for you and it is worthwhile to take your mind off it by trying out new things.

In addition, the code architecture of some casinos prevents them from offering certain games to their players. In order to be able to try out new titles, it is therefore mandatory to register on a new platform that has been specially designed to host the latest generation of games.

To get a welcome offer and attractive bonuses

When you sign up at a new casino, you can always take advantage of the welcome offer which usually consists of a large bonus on your deposit. Depending on the platform, you can also get free spins to use on certain machines or cash to play as you wish on the games of your choice.

If you’ve been playing at your favourite top casinos for a long time, then you may no longer have access to certain bonuses or the VIP program may not reward you enough. By registering at new online casinos, you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the offers available to new players as well as take part in the regular promotions at the new establishment.

In fact, some people have specialized in getting the maximum welcome bonus by signing up at any casino they could find. This is a good idea, as the offer for new players is usually the best one an establishment offers its players. If you take advantage of this on every platform, it is possible that the cumulative rewards you will receive will be higher than what you can expect from a VIP program when playing on a single site.

Our permanent monitoring of new establishments

New Online Casinos 2021As it is not easy for a single person to find new online gaming sites, we decided to look for them for you. Thanks to our team of several online gaming enthusiasts and our many contacts in the industry, we have access to sneak previews of new releases.

In addition, our knowledge of online casinos allows us to analyze fairly quickly whether a new site seems rather reliable or seems to be a scam. With our system in place, we have the ability to review all the sensitive points of a new online casino and give our opinion on it as quickly as possible.

Of course, we’re not immune to making mistakes when we evaluate new online casino sites to help our readers. However, we always act according to the precautionary principle. If we are not sure that the casino will be reliable in almost 100% of the cases, we do not present it on our site.

Disadvantages of a new online casino

As we’ve seen, to give our opinion on a new one online, we review it from every angle. We carefully analyze all the sensitive points that may indicate a possible lack of reliability.

However, we must admit that there are certain limits to our expertise. In front of the youth of a new establishment, we must act with great care in order not to recommend a platform that could be a scam to our players. Our reputation and our mission to help players is at stake.

When in doubt, we simply prefer not to add a new casino to our list. There will be times when you miss out on a good opportunity, but it is better to miss a few good establishments than to stumble upon a single dishonest one that might ruin your confidence in real money Internet gambling.

Here are some of the problems we face when analyzing a new platform:

Lack of recoil to ensure platform reliability

The biggest problem we face when analyzing a new platform is its young age. Since the establishment is new, its reputation is not yet established, either on the positive or the negative side.

One can then only make assumptions about the long-term reliability of the new sites. For this, we rely on what the competition is doing and seek to draw parallels between the various establishments.

To take just one example, we can analyze customer support. When the site is serious, it arranges to properly train the agents who will answer customers. If they respond politely, correctly and quickly, then chances are the platform is serious. If, on the other hand, you don’t receive any answers or if they are completely off the mark, then you should be wary.

Not enough feedback from other players on their gaming experience.

Disadvantages New CasinosAnother way to find out if a casino is reliable or not is to rely on the opinions of other players. By taking their experience as a basis, one can get a fairly accurate idea of the quality of the establishment concerned.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a new platform, few players have been able to give their opinion for several reasons:

  • First of all, it is rare for a new player to try the experience at a casino without having read the opinions of trusted people or checked the rating assigned to the establishment on a review site.
  • When an establishment is new, the initial comments may be false in order to fool people and then scam them later on.
  • Generally, new sites try to attract players with big bonuses. However, a bonus that is too big is often a sign of a scam and players are suspicious of it.

It is therefore extremely difficult to get reliable casino reviews from other players when it comes to a new online casino. The only remaining options to discover the value of a new establishment is therefore to read reviews made by sites of our kind and check the rating given to the platform.

Analyze the business license used by a new online casino

An online casino license provides valuable information about the reliability of a new online casino. Indeed, some jurisdictions are more flexible than others in allowing platforms to offer real money online gambling.

Here are generally the 3 licenses that can be obtained on the international market by an online casino:

  • The one from Curaçao.
  • The one on the Kahnawake Indian reservation.
  • An approval from Costa Rica.

The most common licence is that of Curaçao, while the Costa Rican licence is much rarer. In addition, the licence issued by the Kahnawake Indian Reserve is unreliable, as the authorities issue it too easily to unscrupulous establishments.

But even when the casino has a license from Curaçao, you have to be careful where the headquarters of the platform is located. If it is located in Europe, in countries such as Luxembourg, Malta or Gibraltar, it is usually a reliable establishment. The same will apply if the head office is located in Canada.

However, if the head office of the establishment is located in a tropical country, Russia or Israel, then great care must be taken. It is usually from these locations that the majority of dishonest players in the online gaming industry operate.

Conclusion on new online casinos

We have just seen together everything you need to know about new online casinos. As you can see, it won’t be easy at all to find a new platform to play on with confidence.

We personally advise you never to play on the new real money gambling sites until you have confirmation that they are reputable establishments. Don’t take the risk of trying it because you have a good feeling about it, the chances of getting ripped off are far too great.

Instead, you should rely on the sites we present to you instead. We have been very selective and have reviewed all the establishments we offer. It is therefore a guarantee of safety for you to follow our recommendations.

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the welcome offers for new players by registering on a new site. This will allow you to enjoy exclusive advantages while discovering new sensations.

Also discover the future of the casino now with our article and guide on live casinos!

FAQ on new online casinos

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about new online casinos:

✅ Where can I find a list of new casinos?

You can find this list on our website! Thanks to our years of gaming and our different social backgrounds, we bring you an honest and unbiased opinion for the pleasure of our readers!

✅ Are the new casinos more generous?

Not all new casinos are necessarily generous. However, in order to attract new users, they need to offer them an attractive offer to entice players to deposit money on the platform and play for real money. Check out our section on new online casino offers!

✅ What do I need to pay attention to when registering at a new casino?

There are different elements to take into account when analyzing the reliability of a new site. The two simplest to check are the analysis of the gaming license and the country from which the casino is operating. You can also check the reliability of an establishment by testing the customer support. Here are all the disadvantages of playing at a new online casino!

✅ Is it advisable to play at a new online casino?

Yes and no. We do not recommend that you register at a new online casino where you do not have any information. It is far too risky. Instead, we recommend that you follow our list of reliable new casinos where you can play safely.

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