Free Spins : How to earn more by spending less at an online casino?

I still remember when I first started playing online casino. I easily squandered the money I had, without getting anything in return. Since I discovered the welcome bonus in the form of free spins, I haven’t made that mistake again. It’s a kind of promotion / casino bonus offered by the internet entertainment house for you to test their various machines. Want to learn more about it? Let me introduce you to the free spins of the web casinos so that you in turn can claim free spins bonuses!



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What is free spins ?

Free Spin without depositIf you have trouble with the English word “free spin”, you should know that in French, it is roughly translated as “tours gratuits” (free spins). Online gaming platforms distribute them in packages of 20, 30 or 50 for their newcomers and former members. Thanks to free spin bonuses, gaming machines are free for a set period of time. For a new registration, you are invited to free trials on certain gaming machines to welcome you to the arena. In other words, it’s a kind of welcome gift.

Once you join the alumni class, the free spins will be paid regularly into your player account. They are reserved for special events such as your birthday or other world-famous milestones. You will also be entitled to free spins in the form of promotional offers for a new game. The winnings you receive from this bonus are automatically added to your virtual purse if they are bonus credits. On the other hand, if they are cash, you will have the advantage of being able to touch them directly and take them with you.

How to activate the free spins ?

Although free spins are available to you, they require some handling before you can claim them.

  • First, log into your user account at the virtual casino, if you have already registered. For those who want to learn more about this online entertainment, first complete the participant profile. Then register on the site and wait for the administrators to give you your quota of free spins.
  • Second, choose the game that attracts you the most from those shown on the page. Before you start, check if it offers spins.
  • Once these first two steps have been completed, now start the free rotations if you are ready to play. Money, donated by the house, will be added to your wallet. Press the “Spin” button to bet it.
  • Enjoy your spins until they run out. Remember that if you collect coins, lucky or unlucky, you are able to collect them.

However, sometimes free spins bonuses take the form of a promo code to be inserted in a field to claim them!

What games can you play ?

As mentioned above, free spins are applicable to a very specific type of hobby. They are particularly suitable for slot machines. However, various Internet gambling establishments are expanding this proposition to table games.

  • Slot machines

This game is at the very foundation of casinos. Many gamers rush to play this game because of its ease. Because it does not require any strategy or technique, just spin the gadget and let your luck run wild. Anyone can win the jackpot, because with slot machines, everything is based on chance.

  • Poker

A free game of poker to learn strategies and techniques is useful before betting your portfolio. Poker is a difficult game that puts the participants’ composure and tactics to the test. In addition, the experiences gained in the free spins amplify your ability to trick your opponent and win the bet. Although some free spins bonuses are awarded in Poker, most of the time you will find them on video poker which is a completely different game!

  • Blackjack

The principle of blackjack is simple to understand. All you have to do is not to exceed the 21-point margin. Your opponent, the dealer, keeps the bank. Your objective is to beat him so you can get to it. The bank contains the bet money and much more. If you win your duel with the dealer, you win everything.

  • Roulette

It consists of a turntable with numbered squares and a ball. The game consists of predicting in which square the ball will be placed and placing your bets on this number. If your prediction turns out to be correct, your funds will fluctuate. American and roulette are the same.

With or without deposit ?

There are two types of free spins modalities in online gambling houses: deposit free spins and no deposit free spins.

Free spins with deposit

This donation / promotion is dependent on your cooperation with the casino. In fact, you must make a deposit and in return, the casino will provide you with free spins depending on the value of the deposit(s). It expires only after a week of waiting. Special coupons or launch codes may accompany free spins with deposit. There is no maximum threshold for winnings in this package. And the limited number of machines does not apply either. As a result, you have the possibility to play on all the games present on the casino interface for 7 days.

The positive points prove to be the exploration of the games and gaming machines present in your online casino. You can spend without counting. In addition, you are free to extract all your real money winnings without penalty. On one condition: meet the requirements set up by the entity.

Free spins without deposit

For no-deposit bonuses such as free spins without deposit, the convention remains the same. Bettors receive a very limited amount of money, to be used on a particular slot machine / slot that the casino exposes in advance. If the wager is not subject to conditions, the withdrawal will not be subject to conditions either. In order to take winnings from free slots with bonus rounds, a minimum deposit must be made into our online wallet. The casino’s terms and conditions of contract make this clearer.

Few virtual casinos ask only for your registration on their platforms so that you can cash out. But they do exist!

Advantages for the player

The advantages of free spins in virtual casinos are numerous, for example:

  • A free trial of the online casino. You will know if he is serious and honest in these steps. Indeed, these Internet gambling houses have tripled in volume in recent years. Thus, it is no longer possible to differentiate certified sites from other scam sites. But with the help of free spins, you can play without any risk.
  • The ability to test new strategies before you actually spend money out of your pocket. If you lose, it’s no problem, because the trick is on the house. However, it’s the real money that will make your wallet grow. Plus, your gambling experience will only get better.
  • Checking out a new popular game to see if it’s to your liking. Your gaming panel is thus enlarged, thanks to the free spins of the casinos. This way, you won’t waste a penny on a game you have no fun playing. For your favorite games, time and money are on your side, because they are not time-barred.

Benefits for the casino

The casinos also make a profit from it, which makes their sign look better. In addition to:

  • Give a boost to the new games recently released. Leaving free spins available to players. Players will be able to try new things. And they might even get a taste for it!
  • Attract more players to visit their sites
  • It is also a loyalty system to keep the most regular players. By offering you the opportunity to collect money without taking any financial risk, the casino hopes to improve its image. This will give you the confidence to come back again next time.


When you receive a notification that a free spin is being offered to you by a casino, do not rush to claim it. First read the requirements in the form of the Terms and Conditions (T&C) that govern the offer. There are even rules for depositing bets and withdrawing winnings. These terms and conditions are part of the casino security system and differ from casino to casino. However, some lines are recurring in the T&Cs of these free casino spins on the web.

Conditions of use

It is better known by experts as “playthrough”. It limits the number of times you have to wager the bonus and can go over 30 times. This is to prevent players who have won a free round from leaving with their winnings without replaying. The following is an example of the terms and conditions of wagering:

“A playthrough of 50 means that you must wager 50 times the bonus amount if you want to claim your winnings. Let’s say the free spins are up to 150 euros. Multiply this by 50 (50 x 150) and you’ll have €7,500. So you have to wager that amount in total”.

In addition to this, online casinos may impose a maximum bet on a game. As some casinos have done by introducing the maximum bet threshold of 5 euros for the game Trigger Happy.

Withdrawal conditions

We have conducted an analysis of various online casino sites to give you an exact figure on the winnings you can withdraw. Approximately, the withdrawal limit is between €100 and €5000. But before you can enjoy this amount, the conditions will have to be completed in full.

Casinos have one thing in common: in order to get your money, you have to bet 10 times or more the value of your sum. Understand, bet, not deposit. You have to pay out an amount of money equal to the amount you are required to pocket.

That’s why you should pay attention to the requirements for free spins.

Available at mobile ?

Play anytime, anywhere! The mobile phone, in addition to making our daily life easier, holds an important place in the world of online casino. A mobile casino is the same as Internet casinos, except that it is a version adapted for tablets and smartphones. It is accessible via a standalone application available for download or by accessing the site directly. The advantage of a mobile casino is that you can play all the time and access your user account. However, free spins and other promotional offers are only available if you download the mobile application. Payment methods are via : Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Debit, Solo, WebMoney and Western Union. This time, the mobile application has been designed for those who use an iPhone or iPad. It has implemented “Apple Pay”, a payment method compatible with Apple devices.


Free spins are advantageous for both the player and the online casino. For the former, they allow users to play longer and certify the reliability of a game or gambling house. These free spins also optimize the players’ experience, increasing their chances of winning the jackpot. As for the online casino, this offer allows it to increase its reputation and its level of influence on the Internet. Be careful before using the free spins, as they are subject to conditions in terms of wagering and withdrawal!


  • ✅ What is a free spins ?

    This is a free round offered by a virtual casino to unlock certain machines. They are usually offered on important dates, such as your birthday, the opening date of the casino and national holidays. A free spin allows you to play longer and improve your experience. See’s definition of free spins!
  • ✅ Can you earn a lot of real money with the free spins ?

    You can make real money with free spins. As long as you win the game and meet the casino’s requirements. These conditions differ from casino to casino!
  • ✅ Which casinos offer the best free spins ?

    All casinos offer free spins to new and returning players alike. The best free spins offers are usually for slots. However, table games also come with these free spins.
  • ✅ Are free spins available on mobile ?

    With advances in technology, online casinos have followed the trend by opting for online games available on mobile phones. As a result, promotional offers such as the free spins that go along with them are also available in mobile versions. Read our section on free spins on mobile!