All the secrets to playing well and winning at your favorite casino games

Based largely on luck and chance, casino games are attracting more and more gamblers around the world; from the simply curious to the truly passionate. For everyone, the objective is the same: to beat the house and win big jackpots. If this is also the case for you, then our guide is probably the best ally you can find online. In addition to helping you achieve your goal, it will probably literally change the way you think about casino games. Ready to become a gambling expert? has prepared the best guides for you!

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What are the casino games?

If you go to a casino, whether it’s a permanent establishment or a virtual platform, it’s primarily to play. But what games? It all depends a little on your preferences, but as a general rule, here are those that you will surely find on all online casinos worthy of the name:

Baccarat game

Online Baccarat

Slot machines

slot machine

Video poker

Video Poker online

Blackjack online

Online Blackjack

In-line roulette

In-line roulette

Online Craps

Online Craps

What are the games where you win the most at the casino?

This is a question that comes up a lot among online casino gambling enthusiasts, and that is quite normal. Who wouldn’t want to make sure they win as much as possible? In order to answer this question, we must focus on one essential fact: the rate of redistribution. Also called RTP (Return To Player), this value corresponds to the average percentage of winnings that are paid out to players in a game. For example, if a game has a payout ratio of 97%, this means that the casino will pay out an average of €97 to players for every €100 wagered. Thus, the higher the RTP of a game, the more profitable it is.

On this basis, the ranking of the most profitable casino games can be established:

Video poker

By applying the right strategy and choosing the right variant, you can achieve a FCR of up to 99.92%;


As we said earlier, in blackjack, strategy is of major importance. If you are able to integrate the strategies presented in our guide and apply them properly, you can drastically reduce the casino advantage and achieve a PTR of up to 99.87%.


The famous two-dice game can be much more profitable than it seems. In the most generous casinos, the RTP can go up as high as 99.4%, but only if you are familiar with the different betting options.


With a maximum PTR of 98.94%, baccarat also ranks high among the most winning casino games. But to do this, it is important to avoid risky bets and apply one of the game’s winning strategies.


The most popular casino game is also one of the most profitable for those who know how to play. Familiarize yourself with the different betting patterns and their odds, choose European Roulette, and you can enjoy a PTR of up to 98.65%.

What about the slot machines? Well, that’s a bit of a special case. Indeed, each editor is free to define the RTP of each of these games. But as a general rule, it varies between 85% and a little less than 99% for the most generous machines. In order to make the best choice, you can find out more about this feature by visiting the publisher’s website or by doing a quick Google search.

The advantages of playing online

In the past, to play roulette, blackjack or slot machines, you had to go to a hardcore casino. This is far from obvious, since there are no casinos on the streets.

Thanks to virtual casinos, things are much simpler nowadays. All you need to do is connect to the Internet to access your favorite games and start trying your luck as if you were in a real live casino. No need to move around. Plus, it’s open 24/7! This is not the case in most hardcore casinos, especially when it comes to table games.

Moreover, playing online gives you access to a much wider and more diverse range of games than in a hard-copy casino. New slot machines are released every week, and new variations of table games are also regularly launched in order to offer online gamblers an ever more exciting experience.

And this list of benefits is far from exhaustive.

What are the innovations in casino games?

The online casino gaming industry is very dynamic. Since the launch of the very first virtual casino around 1995, many innovations have emerged that have radically changed the face of this industry. The games offered on online platforms are much more modern, with much more advanced graphics. In the slot machine segment, for example, one of the most active in the industry, 3D graphics and animations are the new standard, as they allow for truly captivating games.

On the table games side, it is live gaming that is in the spotlight today. These are games whose games are hosted by real croupiers, and broadcast live from equipped studios, or even from real casinos. So you can experience truly immersive games from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, in view of the new connection habits of Internet users, all new casino games created in recent years are compatible with mobile interfaces. Casino operators have also adapted to this requirement and almost all offer mobile versions of their platforms. So today you can play online casino games from anywhere and at any time.

Casinos with the best toy libraries

In order to meet the expectations and requirements of all types of players, online casinos offer toy libraries that are as complete and diverse as possible. If you find all the games you are looking for in the same toy library, why would you look elsewhere?

Faced with this challenge, online casino operators are multiplying collaborations with game publishers. It is therefore not uncommon to find sites whose game library is supplied by several dozen suppliers. In this respect, we can mention in particular

  • Lucky31 ;
  • Cresus Casino;
  • Lucky 8;
  • Montecryptos Casino;
  • Winoui Casino

On each of these platforms, you will find a good sample of what is being done today, both in terms of RNG games and games with live dealers.

Free casino games

For beginner players, as well as for those who just want to have fun playing their favorite gambling games, virtual casinos offer the possibility to play for free through a demo mode. To take advantage of this, simply go to the online casino of your choice and play the game you’re interested in directly. However, it may happen that the site requires prior registration.

Once the game starts, you will have virtual tokens to play with. This means that there is no risk of you losing money. The conditions of play are the same as in real money mode, with the difference that the winnings and losses are completely virtual. This mode of play is perfect to familiarize yourself with a game and make sure you understand its rules. It’s also a great way to test game strategies in order to understand them and judge their effectiveness. So don’t deprive yourself of it!

The best spots to play for free at the casino

All online casinos worthy of the name offer a demo mode to test the games available in their game library for free. For practical reasons, the most interesting for players are those games that can be played for free, without registration and without downloading. The best ones in this respect are :

  • Cresus Casino;
  • Lucky31 ;
  • Lucky8 ;
  • Casino Extra;
  • Azur Casino;
  • Unique Casino ;
  • Winoui;
  • Montecryptos Casino;
  • Magical Spin;
  • Stakes Casino

No-deposit play bonuses

Playing in Demo mode has several obvious advantages. However, this game mode remains completely fictional. And this applies to both your losses and your wins. This means that if you are lucky during these games, you won’t be able to collect anything. Too bad, isn’t it?

However, if you are looking for a way to play without betting your money and still be able to pocket your potential winnings, this is possible. For this, no-deposit bonuses are the ideal solution. Offered by some online casinos, these bonuses allow you to take advantage of the casino’s free money, but also allow you to cash out your potential winnings to some extent. It is therefore a beneficial option in every respect.

This type of no-deposit bonus can take different forms. But the most common in online casinos are probably the free spins bonuses. These are free spins that can be used on some of the casino’s slot machines to play in real life. Thanks to these free spins, you can enjoy all the excitement of the game, without taking any risks, and with the added bonus of being able to cash out what you win if you meet the conditions imposed by the house.

Our conclusion

Whether you are a beginner, a regular player or just curious, GambleMojo provides you with all the tools to optimize your gaming experience. From now on, don’t go blind anymore! Check out our guides dedicated to each of the best casino games to get a clear understanding of all the rules. Take advantage of the free mode that most casinos offer in order to refine your playing strategies before you start playing for real. Also read practical tips shared by our experts to improve your overall skills and become a true online casino gaming ace.

Want to learn more about the world of online casino? The team has everything planned:

FAQ Casino Games

✅ How to win at online casino games?

Winning at online casino games on a regular basis requires first and foremost that you choose the games you play and know the rules and strategies. To do this, you can consult the detailed guides for each of these games here.

✅ Are there any games that pay more than others?

Yes. Some casino games are mathematically more profitable than others. These are the ones with the highest RTPs. To discover these games and have more details on the subject, read this paragraph.

✅ Where to find the best casino games?

The best games are available at the best virtual casinos. Find our top list of these platforms in this part of our article.

✅ Can I get a bonus every time I play online?

Yes, stay connected to our online guide and visit this page, where we share the best bonus offers and promotions with you.