Any avid casino game player will say that the best casino bonus (if one’s a slot player) is a free spins casino bonus. Free spins can be found on many online casino sites, either as part of their welcome bonus or simply one of their added bonus or promotional offers. But which sites offer the best free spin offers? We dove into the online casino free spins abyss to find the best of the best.


The best Canadian online casino free spins offers in 2024

General free spin bonus or promo offers are a dime a dozen. They also come and go either daily or weekly. So we’ve decided to keep our focus on the free spins that really matter; those who come along with a no deposit welcome bonus or those with absolutely no wagering requirements. Remember, this essentially means that a new player on a platform opens an account and can claim the welcome bonus (which is typically a match/cash bonus) with the added bonus of receiving a few free spins. Or they can deposit a small amount, claim their free spins and cash-out whenever they want to as long as they meet the casinos’ withdrawal limit (which is usually a small amount of $10). So, which Canadian online casinos offer free spins along with their no deposit bonus or no wagering requirements offer to make them a really good bonus deal?

BonusBonus %AmountBonus Conditions
Welcome Bonus 100% £150 20x wagering requirement
High Roller Welcome Bonus 100% £300 20x wagering requirement
Second Deposit Bonus 75% £100 15x wagering requirement

What are online casino free spins rewards and how to use them wisely? 

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Free spins are awarded to players who are mostly new players, although online casinos also offer these to loyal players as daily, weekly or special events bonuses and promotions. Free spins (just like the name suggests) is only eligible on slots and slot games which can also include the Bingo slot hybrid game known as Slingo. Free spins can be claimed via an online casino in a myriad of ways. Free spins can either be claimed as an added extra when claiming an online casino welcome bonus or it can be claimed as an online casino no deposit welcome bonus or a once-off or recurring daily, weekly or special events bonus/promotional offer.

If it comes with a standard welcome bonus that means that a player will need to deposit a minimum amount in order to claim their free spins. The secret as to how to use these kinds of free spins wisely lies in the rest of the bonus. Is it only the free spins that are on offer? Or does it come with a match/cash bonus? How much is the initial deposit?  And what are the wagering requirements? These are all factors that will impact whether this free spins deal is the deciding factor in winning big or never seeing any winnings at all.

A no deposit bonus that offers free spins is a great way to entice players to a platform. But why would they stay? We strongly believe that no deposit free spins are the perfect opportunity for newbie players to either learn how to play specific online casino games or simply try out online casino gambling in order to see whether it might suit them or not. Either way, a no deposit bonus offering free spins is a great way of testing out or playing online casino games without actually having to play with any real money.

Then there are the loyalty/VIP club free spins. These are usually complete freebies handed out to loyal players.  Or players get special bonuses or promotional offers that either run on a once-off, daily or weekly basis.

Are online casino free spins keep what you win offers too good to be true?

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Well, essentially all free spin offers are to keep what you win offers. The real challenge starts when it comes to the withdrawal of one’s winnings. Many of these free spin offers are riddled with terms & conditions and sky-high wagering requirements. And to top it all off, casinos usually have standard withdrawal limits as well. This means that if a player hasn’t played-through their bonus spins according to the wagering requirement amount or they haven’t won enough or they’ve won too much according to the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, they won’t be able to cash-out any of their winnings from their casino account. We discuss this in more detail later regarding the various kinds of free spins and how they benefit players. 

Can casino rewards free spins be exchanged for real money? 

The short answer is no. Free spins can’t be exchanged for cash, but these spins are essentially replacing real money. Instead of having to fork out the cash to bet on the slots, the casino is giving a player the opportunity to play the slots for free. By playing the slots a player then has the chance of winning even more bonus spins, real money, or even prizes depending on which game a player decides to play. Once real money has been won, the withdrawal challenges and restrictions as mentioned come into play.

How to maximize your online casino experience by combining free spins offers, welcome bonus offers, and free bonus no deposit offers. 

As previously mentioned, there are multiple ways a player can claim free spins. And each has its own benefits or advantages. So how can one use the different free spins offers to maximize one’s online casino experience?

Claiming free spins Canada
Casinos love dishing out free spins on their sites. Whether it’s on “Free Spin Fridays” or a special week-long campaign that’s running or whether it’s to celebrate a special event such as Christmas. Casinos often spoil their users with spins either as a “thank you” or as an incentive to entice them to play more and longer on the platform. These bonuses are constantly changing, so players will need to do a little bonus and promo digging on the daily to ensure that they are able to take advantage of all the bonus free spins on offer out there in the casino world. In order to claim these, a player usually needs to enter a special bonus code.
Claiming from a free welcome bonus casino
Welcome bonuses are usually what dreams are made of since they are essentially there to entice players to sign up to the platform and register an account on the site. There are a few things to remember about welcome bonuses though. When a welcome bonus sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many scam sites use incredibly generous welcome bonuses to lure unsuspecting gamblers to sign up to the platform and hand over all their personal and banking details to someone who has nothing but bad intentions. We hear about these horror stories daily from our fellow online players and all of them have one thing in common; they never thought that it would happen to them. Cyber thieves have become incredibly clever and the cons are becoming more intricate. We cannot stress enough that an online casino site should be thoroughly researched before a player starts entrusting them with their cash – especially when the welcome bonus seems suspiciously too generous.

Welcome bonuses usually involve cash bonuses, free spins, free games, deposit matches, and other giveaways. But welcome bonuses are where players really need to look out for the small print. Many are shocked once they’ve properly read through a welcome bonus’s terms and conditions. Suddenly the generous welcome bonus seems nothing more than a pipe dream. These offers are often made null and void by the wagering requirements, game restrictions, or withdrawal limits. It’s great when claiming a welcome bonus offering 500 free spins and a $200 cash bonus simply for signing up, but they can only be used on a specific slot known for not paying out or paying out mere cents and which one has to play-through at least x180 according to the wagering requirements before they’ll ever be able to even think about withdrawing any winnings.

Top it off with withdrawal restrictions such as minimum or maximum limits that are simply not realistic and it’s the perfect recipe for an online casino crisis. Many casinos have accounts full of winnings that simply end up being abandoned because of withdrawal restrictions. So we cannot stress enough how important it actually is to read through those what feels like a million pages of terms and conditions. Welcome bonuses can either be claimed by entering a unique bonus code or it is automatically added to a player’s account upon registering.

Claiming from an online casino with free bonus without deposit
This is what many refer to as a no deposit bonus. And this is what players get very excited about. A no deposit bonus essentially means that a player can claim either a welcome bonus or a cash bonus or free spins or free games without ever having to deposit a cent of their real money. This sounds great – in theory. In practice, these offers usually look a little different. It is important to remember that casinos are businesses first and foremost and businesses are run on a profit margin module. That is why the old adage exists; “the house always wins”.

These no deposit bonuses are ideal for enticing players onto a platform, but no deposit bonuses are notorious for their restrictive and limiting terms and conditions and unrealistic wagering requirements. Some of these restrictions can come in the form of limiting players to games that are renowned for their low (if any) pay-outs. Or the withdrawal limits can be so high that it almost feels as if one has to win a jackpot in order to ever see a cent of those winnings. Or a player is forced to play-through the bonus amount or free spins an absolutely ridiculous amount of time before they can withdraw any of the money in their account.

We do not view no deposit bonuses and free spins as a free lunch. This is not the opportunity a player has been waiting for to get the opportunity to make their millions without having to deposit any of their hard-earned cash. We still think no deposit bonuses have great benefits, but not in terms of winning so much that one can buy a yacht the very next day and sail into the sunset. To us, these no deposit bonuses are the perfect opportunity for new players to test out certain games. Or even test our online gambling in general. We view no deposit bonuses in the same way we view demo game play. It gives players the chance to play online games without actually playing with real money, having to commit to a specific platform, or risk losing any of their hard-earned cash. The one thing that’s a definite perk from playing these no deposit bonuses is that one often wins even more free spins or free games. And anything that prolongs game play without us having to cough up the cash is alright in our online casino books.

The ultimate free spins combo
For those players who don’t mind setting aside some time for research, there is a way that one can benefit from ALL of the above-mentioned bonuses. Research the casinos that offer a no deposit bonus so one can take advantage of winning any extra bonus spins or games. Combine this with a casino that may offer multiple deposit match welcome bonuses and one will be assured of the fact that even though one has to start paying out of pocket it still has some perks and freebies attached to it.

Combine this with the no deposit bonus slot spins and any player is already way ahead of any other player who just signed up and started playing. And here comes the clincher; once one has taken advantage of every offer that gives one a starting advantage and one takes special care not to have any of the daily, weekly or special events bonuses pass one by, any player will be in the casino game pound seats. A little added research and effort will culminate into the most advantageous online casino combo a player can possibly imagine. Even if slots and slot games don’t require much skill, playing slots and slot games on online casinos using free spins and bonuses are.

Many players claim that one should keep one’s eyes open for these bonuses/promos on both the desktop platform as well as the casino’s app in order to catch mobile deals as well. We disagree. Most online casinos have stopped developing a downloadable mobile app since it’s much easier (and cheaper) to simply make the website itself 100% mobile compatible.

When it comes to online gambling there will always be certain restrictions and requirements. As the old saying goes; knowledge is power. Players who have researched the site and the specific bonuses along with their various terms and conditions and other requirements such as wagering requirements are the ones who will ultimately be able to discern between a good and a bad deal and take full advantage of certain opportunities these bonuses may offer. When players read a review such as ours it’s also important for them to remember how to claim these bonuses (which often requires a unique code). But one thing’s for sure; use the advice, recommendations, and guidelines within this review and anyone will be able to get the maximum benefits out of their bonus free spin offers.