Best Online Casino: Play at the best online casinos in 2021 !

In order to enjoy the best possible experience when you play online gambling, it is important to play at a worthwhile online casino.

In this article, we will explain the elements we consider important for a platform to be interesting to us. We will also give you a list of the best online casinos so that you don’t have to do the research by yourself.

How do we establish our ranking of the best casinos?

Top Online CasinosIn order for an establishment to appear in our ranking of the best casinos, it must meet several criteria. To find out if all these conditions are met, we review the platform thoroughly. If our analysis is conclusive, we then issue a positive opinion and give the casino a rating. Then we include it in our list of the best online gambling sites.

Here are some of the criteria that we scrutinize meticulously:
  • The casino’s bonus offer. We check the proposed welcome bonus, deposit bonuses, free spins, etc. The offer must be above average and of high quality.
  • The games offered by the casino. We assume that the more choices there are, the more players can play a game that suits them. That said, we also analyze the publishers present to see if they are good quality providers like Netent or Betsoft.
  • Other players’ casino reviews. We obviously have our own opinion after reviewing a platform. Having said that, we feel that our point of view should be confronted with those of other people. This allows us to confirm our feelings or re-analyze a particular point if we find many differences with other players’ opinions.
  • The countries from which the casino is accessible. It is therefore essential that it is an online casino that accepts players. But we also have readers from all over Europe, from Canada, as well as from Africa. We must therefore do our best to satisfy as many of our readers as possible.
  • The location of the casino’s headquarters. We try as much as possible to avoid establishments located in exotic tax havens. In general, a platform located in such a place is not a reliable online casino. We prefer a headquarters located in a European country such as Luxembourg, Gibraltar or Malta.

What are the advantages of playing at the best casinos?

Playing at the best casinos is obviously preferable to playing at the first casino you find at random on the internet. This will save you a lot of trouble, such as having to worry about paying out your winnings, poor quality slots, using outdated gaming software, etc.

If you are playing for play money, however, you can play at any establishment, as the question of paying out winnings will not arise. However, for real money gambling, it is absolutely necessary to play on the best sites in order to benefit from the 4 following advantages:

  • The best possible offer of bonuses and promotions.
  • Prompt payment of the money earned during your games.
  • Assistance from a well-trained customer support and a dedicated VIP manager in case you become a loyal player.
  • The ability to play on a high-performance gaming software that offers the latest popular titles of the moment.

Get the biggest possible bonuses with the best conditions

To be certain that winnings will be paid out in the event of a jackpot

Benefit from all the best possible services

To be able to choose from a wide range of quality games

Save your time by using our rigorously established rankings

There are many criteria to analyze and test in order to decide on the reliability of a casino on the Internet. Furthermore, in order to give an objective opinion on each point, it is necessary to be able to compare it with what the competition offers, which involves an enormous amount of work.

Luckily, we decided to take care of this for you, because we believe that a user should concentrate on the essentials when spending time at an online casino: playing and having fun. Therefore, you will find in our list of the best online casinos all the establishments that we consider to be sufficiently reliable and offering maximum benefits to users.

We have done our best to remain as neutral and objective as possible in the development of this ranking. However, there is a degree of bias in all analyses based on the preferences of the person who conducted the casino test.

So it’s perfectly normal that you may disagree with some of the choices in our ranking of the best online casinos. Not even the order in which we ranked the different platforms. However, we can guarantee that these are all establishments that we play at ourselves with our eyes closed. We have never had the slightest concern about paying out our winnings, the choice of machines to play on is vast and the bonus offers are among the best in the industry.

What do players expect from the best casinos on the net?

Players CasinosIt is always difficult to know exactly what users are looking for when they play for real money on the internet. In order to get a clearer idea of the issue, a survey was conducted with 1,587 different players with the following profile:

  • 55% women and 45% men.
  • 17% from 18 – 30 years old, 52% from 30 – 60 years old and 31% over 60 years old.
  • 37% have a gaming budget of less than €100 per month, 52% have a budget between €100 and €500 and 11% have a budget above €500.
  • 62% have a real casino located within 50km of their home and 38% beyond this limit.

The question they were asked was: “What is the most important criterion for you to consider this to be the best online casino? ». Respondents could give only one answer out of 9 different options. Here are the results of the survey:

  • Number of slots available: 4%
  • Wide choice of different deposit methods: 1%
  • Speed of withdrawals: 16%
  • Generosity of the VIP Reward Program: 9%
  • Customer interface and support in French: 3%
  • Positive opinion of the other players: 18%
  • Score given by analysis sites: 22%
  • Quality of the software used to provide games: 3%
  • Other reason(s): 24%

We can notice that the opinion of other players and the rating given by rating sites represent about 40% of the answers given. This means that a casino’s reputation is primarily based on the opinions of specialists or on the user experience. It is also noticeable that the speed of withdrawals is an important element in the eyes of the players.

Conclusion on the best online casino

We are now at the end of our guide to help you find the best online casino. As you’ve seen, choosing a casino to play at for real money is not something you can do at random.

While it is practically impossible to determine which online casino is the best because of the different opinions of each tester and the tastes of each user, we can nevertheless give a rating to a platform and place it in a ranking. As such, this list should not be interpreted as something fixed, but rather as a guide to the different reliable online casinos.

If you don’t have the time to do your own analysis to determine which is the best online casino, then feel free to use our ranking to register at an establishment where you can play safely and be able to receive payment of your winnings. Just like you, we are also passionate players and we want everyone to enjoy the best possible experience when playing for real money online games.

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FAQ about the best online casinos

Here are the most common questions we receive about choosing the best online casinos. We have decided to group them together in a small FAQ and answer them:

✅ Do you have a list of the best online casinos?

Yes. This is the list you can find on this page. Any platform in this ranking is part of what we consider to be the best online casinos of the moment.

✅ How do casinos get into the top rankings?

For a platform to be included in our ranking, it must pass all our tests and have an above-average score in all the criteria analyzed. By doing so, we are sure that the casinos presented are among the best on the market. This is our recipe for defining the best casinos!

✅ Do these casinos guarantee payments?

Yes. In our opinion, this is the most important criterion for inclusion in this ranking. What would be the point of playing at a casino if it doesn’t pay the players? In our opinion, absolutely none. Each establishment presented therefore guarantees payments to the players.

✅ Do all these casinos offer VIP service?

We try as far as possible to only present platforms that have a VIP program. However, there may be some exceptions. For example, when the site offers many promotions or offers a VIP-like service to all players.

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